Thursday, November 16, 2006

Carson Palmer Is on the Prowl

Cincinnati's Carson Palmer has been giving the Bengals something to work with. For example, the very substantial 28 points on the board in our first half against San Diego. Now we just have to be sure the Bengals' defense takes up where the offense leaves off. As they did, again in the first half of that game, allowing just 7 points to the Chargers.

The second half of that one was an aberration. I'm looking for something more normal, and more satisfying, when we take on the New Orleans Saints Sunday at the Superdome.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

AFC North is Cinci’s to grab

I’ve got to agree with Tre Hutcherson who was pointing out that 1) the Baltimore Ravens are beatable and 2) a win moves them down and Cincinnati up, into the top slot in the AFC North.

We all know the Bengals have lost three of their last four outings, but those games have been very close. The offense has been improving, and Carson Palmer has avoided turnovers. Can we do some more of that? Coach Marvin Lewis seems to think so. But he did say that this game with the Ravens will be “one of those do or die situations you face once or twice a season.” Let’s do.