Sunday, April 30, 2006

Draft looked good for Bengals, but maybe not good enough.

The Cincinnati Bengals drafted for a corner back, defensive end and left tackle in the first few rounds of the draft. We still need a receiving tight end according to the Bengals official site and I feel they are right on the money. What do you think? How did we do in the draft?


WestEnder said...

I'd like to see the Bengals utilize the TE much more as well, but their main needs were in defense, so I think they did well.

Mathieu Williams is healthy and they signed Dexter Jackson, so the backfield should be in better shape this year (thank god).

I think they could use a top quality linebacker, too-- someone who can cut off runs and short passes. When you look at the teams that have a great linebacker, it's clear it makes a big difference.

The Benglas offense is great. With a solid backfield and linebackers, the Bengals would be extremely difficult to beat.

Anonymous said...

i too, really wanted a TE. however, our D is almost unstoppable. anxious to see when we are going to get a healthy Carson back. he will need a few games to get back to normal - but we will finish strong.

George said...

I liked what you said about Carson. Both of you agree about the TE and I am inclined towards agreeing as well. I've been reading a lot more about our draft choices in the past weeks and am getting more and more anxious to see these guys in action.