Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Strong Game against a Stronger Team

We played the best team in football and lost this Sunday. Eli Manning and the New York Giants looked extremely good and we were lucky to have had such a close game with them. Carson Palmer even had a better quarterback rating for the game than Eli Manning. So this wasn’t an embarrassing loss by any means, but an honorable battle with a valiant team. Penalties and a lack of fourth down conversions really held us back in this high scoring game. We scored 37 points to the Giants 45 and not a lot of teams have been able to score like that against this New York squad. I would say we are ready for the Steelers and I am curious who will step up to help us beat them. Will it be Chris Henry or Chad Johnson? Or maybe Chris Perry or Rudi Johnson?

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buzz girl said...

The Bengals had a hard time besting the elite teams on their schedule, but it is worth mentioning that they have been beating the teams they're "supposed" to beat. This week as the Bengals are going to host the Ravens who are customarily fearsome on their defensive front. The Ravens did the Bengals a favor by beating the Steelers last week. This week it’s going to be strength against strength as the Bengals will definitely try to stay in first place. Let’s hope for the best.
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