Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cincinnati Hanging Their Heads Up High

The Cincinnati Bengals give a beating to the Minnesota Vikings with a 37-8 win. Carson Palmer completed 27-40 with three touchdown passes. Palmer is going to be a very exciting player to watch. On the second play of the game Palmer completed a pass to Chad Johnson for a 70-yard touchdown that pretty much sealed the deal even though there was a lot of game to play. The next game we will see them in is against the Chicago Bears for week three in Chicago. This will be a great game to watch next Sunday. Here is a question for thought: What four teams in the AFC will make a run for the title?

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Anonymous said...

Four teams that will make a run in the AFC? Kansas City, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh and New England. Although Cincinnati's win over Minnesota was impressive they still set a team record 17 penalties which cost several scores. Imagine the possibility of the score then. The way Cincinnati is looking at this point the could make a serious run for the title, but they need to stop commiting penalties and need to use thier offense more efficiently, instead of games like Chicago where they had a weak performance only scoring on 4 of 14 possessions. They need to continue to do what they did to Minnesota scoring on 7 of 11 possessions. If they do that, serious contenders.