Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bengals’ Best Start In Over 10 Years

The Cincinnati Bengals have not had a start like this since 1990. This team looks like they are going to be a good contender for the title in the AFC. This team looks like a well-rounded team that has respect for each other. When teams learn to respect each other, they look like SuperBowl contenders. If they don’t, you know what happens: they lose. I’m not going to say any individual names, but I can say a team--the Houston Texans. So, Cincinnati, be happy for your team, I’ll be cheering them on down here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Cincinnati Hanging Their Heads Up High

The Cincinnati Bengals give a beating to the Minnesota Vikings with a 37-8 win. Carson Palmer completed 27-40 with three touchdown passes. Palmer is going to be a very exciting player to watch. On the second play of the game Palmer completed a pass to Chad Johnson for a 70-yard touchdown that pretty much sealed the deal even though there was a lot of game to play. The next game we will see them in is against the Chicago Bears for week three in Chicago. This will be a great game to watch next Sunday. Here is a question for thought: What four teams in the AFC will make a run for the title?

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bengals Looking Good for Opening Day

Carson Palmer threw two touchdown passes in the second quarter. With the defense having intercepted the ball 2 times, making the Cincinnati Bengals look like a playoff team. The Bengals haven’t had a winning record in 15 years. But don’t leave the Cleveland Browns out of the race--there is still a lot of season to play. The next game for the Cincinnati Bengals they are hosting the Minnesota Vikings at the Paul Brown Stadium. The Minnesota Vikings coming off a lost on opening day will have them ready to win one for the season. Cincinnati Bengals are tied with the Pittsburgh Steelers for first in the AFC North, which the Bengals and the Vikings will be facing each other on October 23rd.