Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hobson Report

- from the official site of the Cincinnati Bengals

There have been some long ago offseasons that have snapped, crackled, and popped, but we always forgot how that felt because the real season became so bad so quickly. You’re right, though. None since the late ‘80s have been like this offseason in the sense that there seems to be a consensus that they’ve stuck to a solid two-year plan and now the third season is clearly the time it should blossom into a playoff spot.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Levi Jones getting closer to Full Capacity

Levi Jones has been pushing himself into bringing back his original form. Currently, it’s looking like he is well on his way to recovery. In 2003, Jones screwed up his knee in December of 2003.

Now, it looks as if Jones has gained most of the power and prowess that he once possessed. The line can slowly reassess itself and put the powers back into control.

“It’s nice to see Levi with a spring in his step again. Throw in Eric Steinbach and these guys have a new lease on life. It’s almost like they’re giddy out there.”
- Offensive line coach Paul Alexander

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


- from

FB Jeremi Johnson, who becomes a restricted free agent in 2006, is working to control his weight and improve his ball security so he can become more of a rushing and receiving threat. Johnson is an excellent blocker who has learned to sift through the line of scrimmage and not leave his feet when he blocks linebackers. He gets instant leverage because of his strength and low center of gravity. Thanks to a strict diet and more discipline in the weight room, Johnson has trimmed some weight off his 265-pound frame. He's showing better quickness and concentration. Now he's a more reliable runner in a one-back set and a better receiver coming out of the backfield.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Wide Receivers

Peter Warrick has been doing well in the mini-camps that have taken place so far in the Bengal’s organization. As of now, he looks like he has done well to rehab from his injury-filled season in 2004. Warrick had a career season in 2003 by recording 79 catches, 819 yards, and seven touchdowns. Following this, he had surgery to repair torn knee cartilage. Warrick also broke his fibula two weeks into the next season.

The Bengals looked partially to the draft for wide receivers. Third-rounder Chris Henry and sixth-rounder Tab Perry were added to the roster, but this does not place them above Warrick to start.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Bengals Release Hardy

After 9 years with the Bengals, Kevin Hardy has been released from the lineup. This has happened mainly on account of making space for newly acquired David Pollack who was this year’s first round choice for the Bengals.

Hardy (left outside linebacker) was a #2 overall choice by Marvin Lewis back in 1996. At 32, Lewis has decided to go with the youthful vigor of Pollack and thus Hardy has been released.