Thursday, January 27, 2005

Bengals keep Zampese

The Bengals have decided to keep the quarterbacks’ coach Ken Zampese. Due to the loss of Jack Del, the Jaguars are currently searching for a new offensive coordinator. Zampese has been put on the list of possible candidates for this position, but for now, he will remain a Bengal.

Zampese joined the Bengals in 2003 after a very prolific period with the St. Louis Rams as assistant coach. He began his career in football by playing with the University of San Diego as a wide receiver and punk/kickoff returner.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Defensive Upgrade

Chuck Bresnahan was promoted to defensive coordinator by head Marvin Lewis on Wednesday. Bresnahan takes the place of Leslie Frazier, fired two weeks ago by Marvin Lewis.

Bresnahan brings many things to the table for the Cincinnati Bengals' defense. Bresnahan has been with Cleveland and Indianapolis before he left to Oakland, in fact, in 2000 Bresnahan was with the Raiders and Lewis with the Ravens and they bumped head in the AFC title game.

Later on during 2002, in his tenure with the Raiders, Bresnahan defensive was ranked second in the AFC and third in the NFL.
"I'm enthused about the future of our defense, and about the experience that Chuck brings us," Lewis said. "I have great confidence in his ability to oversee the development of a unit that has shown us a lot of potential."