Thursday, December 09, 2004

Team Report

RT Langston Moore (6-1, 300) is the unsung hero of the defensive line. His low center of gravity and upper-body strength allow him to get good leverage. He doesn't generate many sacks because of his size, but he's able to hold his ground, clog the middle, help push the pile and create havoc at the point of attack.

LB Brian Simmons (6-3, 248) is a solid, all-around athlete with good size, speed and instincts. He's at his best against the run because he's strong and fast, sheds blockers well and has great range. His biggest area of improvement is against the pass. Exploited earlier this year in one-on-one coverage, he's reading and reacting quicker and getting in better position to cover backs and tight ends in the red zone.

THIRD QUARTER GRADES: Offense: B. The wide receivers and RB Rudi Johnson are in a groove with QB Carson Palmer, whose confidence is growing. Defense: C-. Poor tackling continues to haunt this unit. Special teams: B. The kicking game is strong, and the coverage units are solid. Coaching: B+. Motivator Marvin Lewis has the club at .500 after a 1-4 start.

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