Sunday, August 29, 2004

You want more

from their official site? Okay:

ATLANTA - As crisp as the Bengals were last week against the defending Super Bowl champions, they struggled just as much Saturday night here in getting waxed, 37-10, by the defending NFC South last-place Falcons.

"...getting waxed..." Unfortunately, that's an accurate description of what happened. Several important player are out with injuries. Hopefully, they can get it together before the regular season starts.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Preseason is underway...

and I'm still very busy, so, at least for the time-being, I will be cheating a bit by posting some quotes here and there to tide over until the real football begins.

Here's a little somethin' from their official website:

Palmer to go into second half

GEORGETOWN, Ky. - Carson Palmer will get his longest stint of the preseason Saturday night in Atlanta when Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis plans to bring him back for at least one series after halftime.
Palmer seems to be getting plenty of work. His three touchdown passes are tied with Atlanta rookie Matt Schaub for the NFL lead, and his 27 attempts are fourth in the NFL. How good are NFL defenses in the preseason? It makes you wonder when Palmer’s 109 passer rating is 17th in the NFL.

Wide receiver Kelley Washington says he’ll be able to play against the Falcons despite leaving the field with ice on his ankle and knee after scuffling with cornerback Terrell Roberts in the aftermath of a blocking drill Tuesday morning. Washington walked stiffly after practice, but without the aid of crutches after both went down to the ground fighting.

“Those things happen when it’s physical like that blocking,” Washington said. “It’s all a part of playing football, though. You get caught up in things like that, and you have to protect yourself, and things happen like that.”

Some veterans weren’t happy with the way the two conducted themselves.

“You don’t get anything out of something like that. Hopefully Kelley’s not hurt and he can come back out, but it’s just an example of how bad things can happen when you go out there and do that,” said cornerback Tory James. “Who knows what happened, but someone has to be the bigger guy and back off.”

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Unfortunate news


The Bengals finally got their preseason exhibition rolling after waiting two days because of Hurricane Charley, which delayed their opener against the Buccaneers in Tampa. But it wasn't quite what they had hoped for as they fell to the Bucs 20-6. Quarterback Carson Palmer, making his first start for the Bengals, didn't fair well. He completed 3 of 8 passes for 74 yards. "I'm not happy with the outcome, but we did some good things along with the mistakes," Palmer said. "I felt weird, but I felt great. It's just been so long since I played in an actual game." Rookie RB Chris Perry was also a shaky. He finished with 22 yards on five attempts

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

"Switching to Palmer"

More pre-preseason news from

The Bengals morphed into the NFL's up-and-coming team last season, in Marvin Lewis' first stint as a head coach. A lot of it could be traced to QB Jon Kitna, who's numbers are comparable to what Tom Brady put up in New England. But with training camp set to begin, the team has put its faith in the hands of Carson Palmer, last year's No. 1 draft pick, to build on that success. "Last year, people questioned why Jon Kitna should be the starting quarterback, and he proved he was up to the task," Lewis said. "He had a good season -- not a great season -- kind of like our football team. This year, I feel strongly that Carson Palmer will be a better quarterback for us. I think he will allow our offense to do better things."